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Hey DeSean Jackson, You’re Infamous!

I just watched my Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles. It was easily one of the most exciting football games I’ve watched in a long time. And by long time, I mean ever.

I hope you didn’t miss the game. But if you did, you missed DeSean Jackson make the dumbest move of life. One of the announcers called it “one of the all-time bonehead plays”. This young fella spiked the ball BEFORE he broke the plane of the endzone. No ball in the endzone=no touchdown. He made a spectacular reception but he started celebrating a second too soon and now he is infamous.

Expert advice from Terrell Owens: “You’ve got to score first.”

It doesn’t sound too hard but perhaps the young fella needs a lesson.


You Took It Too Far Chad

Football season is underway…GO COWBOYS!!!

Since I got the erroneous Cowboy cheerleading out of the way I can move on to the point of the post. 

I tend to enjoy cocky wide receivers. Randy Moss. Keyshawn Johnson. Terrell Owens (even though he disrespected the Dallas star, I love him). I think that they make the game exciting. Now the season has started and I am glad to see Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson is back to his old antics…but on a whole new level.

I supported Chad Johnson. Through the blond mohawk, the gold fronts, and all of his other antics but he took it too far with this one.

Apparently this fool changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco…legally. Now, I’m all up for the occasional showboating and all but really? Maybe I could support it if it were grammatically correct. Does he know that Ocho Cinco does NOT mean Eighty-five? This is just pure, unadulterated foolishness. He changed his name and the NFL won’t even let him wear it on his jersey because “certain issues remain to be resolved”. Certain issues like what the hell is wrong with this guy!

I can’t support you on this one Ocho Cinco. You took it too far!

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