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SOTM: “Go Hard” Some DJ, Kanye West and T-Pain

This song must be crack because I’m addicted.

I have my gripes with DJ Khaled and his gratuitous use of the word “nigga”. But Kanye goes hard.

It’d be easy to make jokes about this song but I think it’s likeable enough to be getting along with.


Top 5: You’re Doing the Most

Every three seconds there’s a new story in music. Perhaps it’s a sign of the changing times, the day of instant news, or the fact that, via blogs, everybody on the block is a journalist. I have absolutely no issues with being informed the very minute something happens. I have noticed though, that some people are just doing the most. Here’s a list of the Top Five People Who are Doing the Most in Music Right Now:

5. Lil Wayne. Sigh. This guy. Where to start? Obvi he’s been busy outside of the studio, having babies and whatnot. Well, the re-release of the Carter III is upon us. No, it’s not a remix version, it isn’t remastered, there aren’t bonus tracks. The (new) Carter III will be all new songs…but it’ll be called The Carter III. I suppose that’s for old time’s sake.

4. Beyoncé. I’m not really a fan of Beyoncé. Anyone who sings with that much emotion and power and then walks around like a drone is not to be trusted. That’s just my opinion. Alter egos, dual personalities, secret marriages, how does she manage to keep it straight? Well apparently, Beyoncé has no problem juggling her (very fabulous…I can’t deny that she’s fabulous) life because she is embracing her dual personalities with a two-disc release, similar to Nelly’s Sweat Suit. One disc will be songs from her alter ego Sasha Fierce, who even has her own website.

3. Nelly. Dating Ashanti, forming a group with T.I., now he’s apparently forming a group with Akon, Pharrell and T-Pain. Now if that isn’t the most mismatched band of rascals. But, more on that later. Back to Nelly. Sean John Model, Apple Bottoms owner, Pimp Juice pusher and now member of perhaps the wildest bunch of musicians ever. What’s next, Nelly? What’s next?

P.S. Whatever happened to the St. Lunatics? What about that foolish ass clothing line, Vokal?

2. Pharrell. I love him. And it is just my luck that he is all over the place right now. From the Glow in the Dark Tour, N.E.R.D. did a little tour in Europe and then came back stateside for the Seeing the Invincible Sounds of Summer Tour. Basically, he’s been on tour for a year, but somehow, Pharrell manages to produce tracks for Common, design some chairs, supposedly knock someone up, form a group with Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West, put out a clothing line and still somehow join a group with Nelly, T-Pain and Akon.

Btdubs, I can’t support that random cast of characters. Nelly, T-Pain and Akon?!?! As if T-Pain’s vocoder-infused sound wasn’t annoying enough, you add Akon’s whiny, high-pitched voice, throw in Nelly’s rap/singing and Pharrell’s falsetto and it just…I shudder at the thought.

1. T-Pain. Being featured on everyone’s single, producing records, hosting award shows, (sadly) bringing the vocoder into style and being a member of two supergroups is not enough for your man T-Pain. He has to be the master of the Three Ring Circus I like to call hip hop. This combined with the fuschia sequined tuxedo and matching top hat, I’d say T-Pain is doing the most right now.


BET Hip-Hop Awards…Random Thoughts

I hadn’t planned on a live blog because I didn’t plan on watching. But as usual, curiosity takes over. So, I guess I’ll post a few random thoughts as this spectacle unfolds.

I appreciate T.I. and Luda coming together for a performance. I like Luda’s look.

Someone should give DJ Khaled a spoonful of STFU.

Why is Hurricane Chris in the cipher? Why?!

I do appreciate the segments with rappers speaking on the good that they are doing in the world. Hip hop is all about helping the community.

Keri Hilson

That all might be negated because T-Pain has on a pinstripe top hat. That might be doing too much…I don’t know.

Are those people dressed like Black Panthers…stepping?!?

Keri Hilson is gorgeous.

Shawty Lo brought his high school sweethearts on stage.

Japanese MC Hime

Is it okay to thank God first if your lyrics are un-Godly?

MC Lyte is also gorgeous.

Yo-Yo?? Lady of Rage?!

Is it okay to dedicate “What a Man” to Barack Obama?

I appreciate the international cipher. Hime was kinda hot.

Is Cory Gunz confused? He looks confused.

I had to do it. Look at him!

The talking vocoder?!?!? A mess.

This is what I’ve been waiting on all night. Yes for the Chad appearance! Common is so sexy…he shouldn’t be allowed. I love this song. Pharrell, I love you but the shirt is agitating my migraine. The HELL is Lil Wayne doing?! I really appreciate N.E.R.D. rocking out at the BET Hip-Hop awards. T-Pain and Busta on stage spazzing…highlight of the night so far.

Lil’ Cease is about -3 feet tall. I swear he was tiptoeing to reach the mic.

Derek Luke as Puffy?

Lil Wayne really believes he’s a singer. That’s what is so sad about his current state.

Luda’s flow is ridiculous.

Juelz "Dip-Dip" Santana "Set-Set"

That dimple is the only thing Juelz Santana has going for him….

Yes Fabolous!!!

Alright, I have more love for T-Pain now…he called Bow Wow one of the MIDGETS in his circus!!!

Wow Bow Wow…the Christmas light piping on your outfit? How elementary. Soulja Boy has on Tony the Tiger jeans…What a way to end the show…


Live Blogging: BET Awards

I decided to try this live blogging thing to keep track of my feelings about the BET Awards. We’ll see how long I last.

7:01- Usher, nice lip sync job. And by nice I mean noticeable. And by noticeable I mean terrible.

7:04- I wonder if Usher is planning on sabotaging Chris Brown’s performance so that he isn’t outdone.

7:05- Ne-yo is shown in the crowd…clearly thinking “Man, I’m gonna smash this dude”

7:10- Terrance Howard is dropping an album??? Lawd, make it stop

7:20- TREY SONGZ!!!!

7:21- Kanye! Please Mr. West, leave the vocoder alone.

7:25- Not a single Boston Celtic nominated? Tiger Woods? I guess Best Male Athlete is just like a default list of people. It’d be nice if they nominated some one that actually likes Black people…these are just jokes.

7:26- Keyshia Cole, get yo’ people.

7:30- Usher, that’s what a live performance sounds like. I really like Keyshia Cole. She’s so real.

7:35- where’s the rest of Lil’ Kim’s face?

7:36- Cuba, go home.

7:36- Eve, I love you.

7:43- Leather gloves in the summer time Ne-yo?

7:45- the JabbaWockeez??? Aw yeah.

7:47- Why aren’t the people who are winning the awards there to accept them?Rick Ross

8:00- watching CNN

8:14- Let me find out Rick Ross has a lace front beard.

8:15- I love Big Boi…with all my heart

8:16- I love Ludacris more…but I hope the Africa pendant was made with conflict free diamonds…because other wise it’d be wrong.

8:17- Are they making mics with vocoders built in or…what?

8:18- Gabrielle Union is a beautiful woman.

8:24- *watching Larry King Live* Over 1,000,000 homes in foreclosures?! Damn. Creative financing is a bitch, huh?

8:36- Kirk Franklin has on a size -12 sweater.

8:43- Chris Brown! I’ve been waiting all night.

8:46- Is that Ciara? Work it Ciara. I hope Usher was taking notes.

8:50- T-Pain still hasn’t changed out of that costume.

8:51- “I’m one of the kings of this game right now…and my opinion counts.” Kanye, you slay me.

8:58- John Legend called Al Green everything from chicken wings and collard greens to church fans. Classic.

9:02- Jilly from Philly!!!!! Always classy.

9:15- I wonder how Usher feels that Al Green’s performance is hotter than his.

9:21- Nothing like seeing rappers get down with the get down. Way to move the crowd Al Green.

9:27- Terrance has on a smeedium teflon suit…or is that liquid latex?

9:30- They really need to stop letting winners bring fifty ‘leven people on stage. What is the purpose of having 12 kids, three cousins, two mommas, and your kindergarten teacher on stage?

9:32- I love Rihanna.

9:40- Whoever came up with the idea for Hell Date should die. And by die I mean lose their job. Debra Lee is on stage. I wonder if she really, truly, feels good about the direction BET is going.

9:46- Queen Latifah reppin’ for the curvy ladies. What happened to the Queen Latifah of the Native Tongues days tho? Bring her back

9:57- I wasn’t excited about Nelly until he came out naked. Ciara again. I love watching her perform. This is the first time I’ve heard that song Nelly did with Fergie. Jury’s still out…and probably will be out forever.

10:02- Diddy is selling vodka at an awards show.

10:03- When you say everyone…that normally encompasses…everyone. You don’t have to list…everyone because you’ve already thanked…everyone.

10:09- How many of those dumb ass hats does T-Pain have?

10:11- Weezy needs some Wheaties…I love “A Mille”…T-Pain is wearing a gay ass shirt that says “T-Wayne”…thank god the vocoder was limited.

Now I must go read a book.


I’ve Died and Gone to Vocoder Hell…

T-Pain and Lil Wayne are forming a “supergroup“…

This is what he had to say to MTV about the subject:

“We both have the same energy,” he said in the report. “I don’t sleep. If you ask anybody, I don’t sleep. I think it’s the cousin of death. As much as you sleep, you’re impersonating death to me. He don’t sleep. I play all day. He plays all day and all night.”

Drugs kill.

I don’t know about everyone else but my ears started hurting when I tried to imagine an entire album from these two. I won’t lie. I can get with some of Wayne’s songs. But on the real, I can’t handle a whole album of songs that sound like “Lollipop” and “I’m in Love With a Stripper”. I wonder how many vocoders they’ll burn through while recording. And what would a live show sound like? What does a T-Pain show sound like?

Let me find out T-Pain and Lil Wayne are channeling Milli Vanilli on tour (if there is a tour).

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