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It’s Officially Time for Diddy to Get a Hobby…

I understand that everyone is up in arms about the election, especially with the current state of our economy. But seriously…Diddy is getting out of control. Somebody get this guy a HOBBY!

Sarah Palin is a mess. And yes perhaps we should all be afraid that people are taking her seriously. But Diddy…you took it too far!

Who’s the camera man? Does he film this stuff himself? I’m not sure which is worse.


Top 5: Countries to Emigrate to if McCain/Palin Take the White House

I’ve been doing my research, just in case things go wrong in November.

5. Cuba. Now hear me out on this one. Cuba boasts some of the highest education and literacy rates in the Americas, all levels of education are state funded. The state also funds healthcare for all of its citizens. Pros: Socialism. Cons: Socialism.

4. Brazil. Beautiful beaches and energy independence; what more could a future-possible expatriate want? Pros: Carnival. Cons: The official language is Portuguese and the public health system leaves a lot to be desired.

3. South Africa. Considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with an abundant supply of resources. And the infrastructure is strong, whatever that means.

Pros: Since 1994, South Africa has welcomed the brain power and investments of Black Americans and English is one of the 11 official languages. Cons: There’s that whole crime thing.

2. France. This has been the center of high (Western) culture since perhaps the 17th Century including everything from art and literature to fashion and architecture. Pros: The best healthcare system in the world according to the World Health Organization. Cons: Unemployment rate is off the charts.

1. Canada. Number one due to convenience, Canada is just north of the border, easy to get into, also known as America but better. Pros: A growing mixed market economy with relatively low unemployment rate and high standard of living. Cons: Strongly influenced by American culture.


Top 5: People Who Should Be Fired

Recently, I’ve come across several people who are clearly not qualified for their current occupations. Here’s the list.

5. Teachers who use erroneous punctuation marks. I am currently in contact with a high school teacher concerning a program that she wants to implement at her school. Today, she sends an email (no lie) that contains the following sentence: “And, we really should consider contacting, any of your classmate’s or people in the area, who might be interested.”

Hey lady, proofread.

4. Dentists with bad breath. You can’t tell me how to care for my teeth if your breath smells like a dirty bathroom. Hell no I don’t want your toothpaste recommendation! Do you smell your breath?!?

3. Along those same lines, doctors with poor personal hygiene should be unemployed. I can’t trust you to take care of my body if you don’t wash your ass. It’s really simple.

2. Vegetarians who cook meat.
“You guys should come over for dinner.”
“What are you cooking?”
“I made chicken.”
“……You don’t eat meat…”
“It isn’t meat.”
“I’ll pass…”

1. And the number one person who should not be employed: Whoever advised John McCain to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate. As a matter of fact, maybe Sarah Palin should be fired from her job as Vice Presidential hopeful. I have nothing to say about her personal life but professionally, And I will give you three good reasons:

a. She didn’t even know the role of the VP a month ago.
b. She has only been governor of Alaska for a minute. She has little to no experience with national politics and I’m sure she has ZERO international experience. In fact, I read that she’d only been out of the USA once.
c. The last thing we need is another vice president that enjoys hunting.


“You Would Let Her Keep Your Kids?!” Diddy on McCain’s Veep Candidate

Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy aka P. Diddy aka Diddy aka Ciroc Obama tells Sen. John McCain how he feels about his pick for Vice Presidential candidate. Now, I have my feelings about Diddy but this was hilarious…and ignorant. Favorite quotes from the video: “There ain’t even crackheads in Alaska!” “What’s the reality in Alaska?” and of course “John McCain, you’re bugging the f__k out.”

While I would not use the same words that Diddy used, I think I definitely agree that John McCain is bugging. What do we know about this woman? What does HE know about this woman?! She got the job six months after they first met following only one phone call between them and a single face-to-face meeting. Mayor–>Govenor–>Vice President. Does she know anything about national politics? She’s younger than two of his kids. John McCain lost me with this one as well.

But Diddy took it too far!

Just one Black woman’s opinion.

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