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Top 5: You’re Doing the Most

Every three seconds there’s a new story in music. Perhaps it’s a sign of the changing times, the day of instant news, or the fact that, via blogs, everybody on the block is a journalist. I have absolutely no issues with being informed the very minute something happens. I have noticed though, that some people are just doing the most. Here’s a list of the Top Five People Who are Doing the Most in Music Right Now:

5. Lil Wayne. Sigh. This guy. Where to start? Obvi he’s been busy outside of the studio, having babies and whatnot. Well, the re-release of the Carter III is upon us. No, it’s not a remix version, it isn’t remastered, there aren’t bonus tracks. The (new) Carter III will be all new songs…but it’ll be called The Carter III. I suppose that’s for old time’s sake.

4. Beyoncé. I’m not really a fan of Beyoncé. Anyone who sings with that much emotion and power and then walks around like a drone is not to be trusted. That’s just my opinion. Alter egos, dual personalities, secret marriages, how does she manage to keep it straight? Well apparently, Beyoncé has no problem juggling her (very fabulous…I can’t deny that she’s fabulous) life because she is embracing her dual personalities with a two-disc release, similar to Nelly’s Sweat Suit. One disc will be songs from her alter ego Sasha Fierce, who even has her own website.

3. Nelly. Dating Ashanti, forming a group with T.I., now he’s apparently forming a group with Akon, Pharrell and T-Pain. Now if that isn’t the most mismatched band of rascals. But, more on that later. Back to Nelly. Sean John Model, Apple Bottoms owner, Pimp Juice pusher and now member of perhaps the wildest bunch of musicians ever. What’s next, Nelly? What’s next?

P.S. Whatever happened to the St. Lunatics? What about that foolish ass clothing line, Vokal?

2. Pharrell. I love him. And it is just my luck that he is all over the place right now. From the Glow in the Dark Tour, N.E.R.D. did a little tour in Europe and then came back stateside for the Seeing the Invincible Sounds of Summer Tour. Basically, he’s been on tour for a year, but somehow, Pharrell manages to produce tracks for Common, design some chairs, supposedly knock someone up, form a group with Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West, put out a clothing line and still somehow join a group with Nelly, T-Pain and Akon.

Btdubs, I can’t support that random cast of characters. Nelly, T-Pain and Akon?!?! As if T-Pain’s vocoder-infused sound wasn’t annoying enough, you add Akon’s whiny, high-pitched voice, throw in Nelly’s rap/singing and Pharrell’s falsetto and it just…I shudder at the thought.

1. T-Pain. Being featured on everyone’s single, producing records, hosting award shows, (sadly) bringing the vocoder into style and being a member of two supergroups is not enough for your man T-Pain. He has to be the master of the Three Ring Circus I like to call hip hop. This combined with the fuschia sequined tuxedo and matching top hat, I’d say T-Pain is doing the most right now.


The Keeping It Real Award Goes To…

(Drum Roll)…

Bob Schieffer

The Keeping It Real Award of the Third 2008 Presidential Debate goes to moderater Bob Schieffer for this question:

SCHIEFFER: All right. We’re going to move to another question and the topic is leadership in this campaign. Both of you pledged to take the high road in this campaign yet it has turned very nasty.

SCHIEFFER: Senator Obama, your campaign has used words like “erratic,” “out of touch,” “lie,” “angry,” “losing his bearings” to describe Senator McCain.

Senator McCain, your commercials have included words like “disrespectful,” “dangerous,” “dishonorable,” “he lied.” Your running mate said he “palled around with terrorists.”

Are each of you tonight willing to sit at this table and say to each other’s face what your campaigns and the people in your campaigns have said about each other?

And, Senator McCain, you’re first.

To summarize, Bob Schieffer dared the candidates to “Say it to his face”.

That’s instigating.

That’s keeping it real.


Song of the Moment: Bentley “Everybody”

ft. Kanye West and André 3000 and I believe it is produced by Sa-Ra

Until now I’d only heard snippets of the song and then I spotted the video at Kanye’s Blog. So dope and fun. Please peep the guys getting their Doo-wop/Four Tops/Stylistics on in the video. Somebody give my boy Kanye a tad of rythym. He looks like he used my Uncle Sunny as a body double. I swear Unc was doing the same dance at the family reunion. Just jokes…y’all know I love Kanye.

Apparently Bentley is signed to Kanye West’s GOOD Music label. I heard a rumor a while ago that the label was defunct. I hope not. Other artists on the label roster include John Legend, Common, Consequence, Really Doe and Sa-Ra. Good music indeed.


This is Your Sexy…And This is Your Sexy on Drugs…

Gary Dourdan

Gary DourdanGary Dourdan’s little run-in with the cops is not news to anyone. I was disappointed with the development and I really hope that he gets help. But I just read that this fool may be a part of some Celebrity Rehab show on VH1. All I can say is damn. Gary Dourdan, since CSI, has been my most consistent “TV Boyfriend”. I love him! Forget his eyes, they’re gorgeous but he has the best lips! And that voice!

Well, if he really is taking part in some celeb rehab show I will have to lose all respect for him. Above is his sexy…on the left…his sexy on drugs.

One more time for my enjoyment.

This is your sexy and this is your sexy on drugs.

Take heed all you sex symbols out there. This has been a PSA.

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