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BET Hip-Hop Awards…Random Thoughts

I hadn’t planned on a live blog because I didn’t plan on watching. But as usual, curiosity takes over. So, I guess I’ll post a few random thoughts as this spectacle unfolds.

I appreciate T.I. and Luda coming together for a performance. I like Luda’s look.

Someone should give DJ Khaled a spoonful of STFU.

Why is Hurricane Chris in the cipher? Why?!

I do appreciate the segments with rappers speaking on the good that they are doing in the world. Hip hop is all about helping the community.

Keri Hilson

That all might be negated because T-Pain has on a pinstripe top hat. That might be doing too much…I don’t know.

Are those people dressed like Black Panthers…stepping?!?

Keri Hilson is gorgeous.

Shawty Lo brought his high school sweethearts on stage.

Japanese MC Hime

Is it okay to thank God first if your lyrics are un-Godly?

MC Lyte is also gorgeous.

Yo-Yo?? Lady of Rage?!

Is it okay to dedicate “What a Man” to Barack Obama?

I appreciate the international cipher. Hime was kinda hot.

Is Cory Gunz confused? He looks confused.

I had to do it. Look at him!

The talking vocoder?!?!? A mess.

This is what I’ve been waiting on all night. Yes for the Chad appearance! Common is so sexy…he shouldn’t be allowed. I love this song. Pharrell, I love you but the shirt is agitating my migraine. The HELL is Lil Wayne doing?! I really appreciate N.E.R.D. rocking out at the BET Hip-Hop awards. T-Pain and Busta on stage spazzing…highlight of the night so far.

Lil’ Cease is about -3 feet tall. I swear he was tiptoeing to reach the mic.

Derek Luke as Puffy?

Lil Wayne really believes he’s a singer. That’s what is so sad about his current state.

Luda’s flow is ridiculous.

Juelz "Dip-Dip" Santana "Set-Set"

That dimple is the only thing Juelz Santana has going for him….

Yes Fabolous!!!

Alright, I have more love for T-Pain now…he called Bow Wow one of the MIDGETS in his circus!!!

Wow Bow Wow…the Christmas light piping on your outfit? How elementary. Soulja Boy has on Tony the Tiger jeans…What a way to end the show…


Seeing the Invincible Sounds of Summer

N.E.R.D. and Common on the same stage…I had to check it out, didn’t I? The show was sick. I’d seen both acts before. One of my girls was shocked at what a great performer Pharrell was but I was not. I love that the show is just about N.E.R.D. and their fans; there are no gimmicks, no props, just the music.

Common is always ill on stage. I would have liked to see more break dancing as in the past but the show was great and I will not complain. I liked his concept, no matter how cheesy it might have been at times.


Song(s) of the Moment: Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D.

“Maybe” is my favorite N.E.R.D. song ever. I really love the video also. They win extra points for having ?love on the drums in the video. Some kid on Youtube thought that ?love was Mr. T. How tragic is that? A mess.

Lupe Fiasco happened to do a song to the same beat. I love Lupe Fiasco but it’s not one of his best. It’s cute though. And he gets extra love for the beat.


Music: Seeing Sounds

Of course yesterday I went out and copped Seeing Sounds. I’ve been a fan of N.E.R.D. since before PharrellPharrell-Lapdance Video was a fashion icon…am I the only one that remembers Skateboard P with the facial hair a la “Lapdance”? That is when my musical love affair with Pharrell began. So, it was only fitting that I bought Seeing Sounds. June 10th did not come fast enough for me.

Seeing SoundsNERD described the album as music on red bull and I agree to a point. Red bull tends to be a jolt of energy and then a crash. There was no crash on this album. The production was crazy. The songs were short, sweet and straight to the point. All in all, it was a fun album. We’re finally hearing NERD work with their sound and not against it just for the hell of it. People get into making rebellious music, and start fighting against themselves.

Songs that were quickly moved to the favorites playlist on iTunes: “You Know What” “Anti Matter” and “Yeah You”.

Don’t take my word for it. Go cop the album!

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