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Baby Mama Drama???

The 2008 election has been very distasteful as far as media coverage is concerned. From the way they have discussed Hilary Clinton to the way that Michelle Obama has been treated. First there was the whole mess about her finally being proud of America then there was supposedly a tape about some “whitey” rant and now Fox News has dubbed her “Obama’s Baby Mama”. I am not a fan of Fox News or their sensationalist brand of journalism. I read about it from the Pittsburgh Courier when doing my biweekly scan of Black newspapers online. Why would anyone even think that it was acceptable to refer to Michelle Obama as anyone’s “baby mama”? It’s disrespectful. She is Barack Obama’s wife and to suggest otherwise is poor judgment and poorer journalism. I wonder if I should even be surprised. I hope more than a weak ass apology comes from this. The clip is below.

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