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Rap Pack?

I missed the Grammys…by design.

I don’t know what the big fuss is with M.I.A. performing while preggers. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? The baby’s first word could be “swagger” but it’s no reason to be up in arms. Right?

The performance wasn’t that great.

What in the name of S-Curl is going on with Kanye’s hair?


Theater of the Mind

I love Ludacris. And I am not sure that he gets his proper due. I was looking forward to Theater of the Mind. I shouldn’t have.

Let me explain. I think that Luda is uber-talented. This was his chance to show people just how talented he really is. All of the guest stars kind of drowned him out. His voice was lost. At least that is my initial take on the album. His delivery is as punchy as ever but the fact that he has so many co-stars means that he has less time to showcase his skills.

Lyrically, he still gets down, holding his own with Jay-Z and Nas on “I Do It For Hip-Hop”. Common comes through with a great effort on “Do the Right Thang” and Lil’ Wayne is surprisingly mediocre on “Last of a Dying Breed”.

It was like an amalgam of Ludacris. I say that because most of the songs remind me of songs that he has done before. He needed to push the envelope, and I’m not sure that he did.

All in all, it’s not a bad album. And Ludacris is still one of the best. But I’m not sure if this is the classic album that he needed to add to his catalog. Still a good effort. Still love me some Ludacris.

Love “I Do It For Hip Hop” co-starring Nas and Jay-Z.


Song of the Moment: Jay-Z ft. Chris Martin “Beach Chair”

In anticipation of Viva La Hova, I wanted to revisit perhaps my favorite song from Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come. Featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Son said “Hov how you get so fly?”
I said “From not bein’ afraid to fall out the sky”


Hilarity: “Mr. Carter” Spoof

Affion Crockett is hilarious.


Song of the Moment: Raphael Saadiq ft. Jay-Z “Oh Girl”

This is so soulful. I think I’ve listened like five times already.


Song of the Moment: “Swagger Like Us”

T.I. ft. Kanye West, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne

I found it on Kanye’s Blog. I got so excited when I saw the post….then I listened to the song. I have all kinds of love for Kanye, Jay Z and T.I. and I guess I tolerate Lil’ Wayne. But, this was a miss for me. It might have hit without the auto-tune vocoder shit but Weezy just WON’T stop with that ish and Kanye seems to have seriously joined the bandwagon.

If there was no autotune on this track, it would have hit for real because they all have hot lines in their verses. But that vocoder ish is the devil. T.I. and Jay Z seem to have taken this seriously while Kanye and Weezy…pulled a Cher with the vocoder crap. But the more I listen…the better it sounds. I just can’t condone the vocoder/auto-tune in hip hop.

Just one Black woman’s opinion.

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