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808s and Heartbreak

I have listened to the majority of Kanye’s new album. I was hellbent on hating it. I swear I was. But, I enjoyed it fully. Can’t wait to go and buy it tomorrow. I know that I could have ordered it on the net somewhere but like a true music fiend, I enjoy the occassional trip to the record store. I’ll be back in Houston tomorrow so I can visit my favorite store.

808s and Heartbreak

Can’t wait! Home and Kanye in one day. Should be amazing!


FREE Darfur Photo Exhibit

Now through September 21st the Holocaust Museum Houston is featuring a 30-photo exhibit that highlights the crisis in Darfur called “Darfur: Photojournalists Respond“. The website makes this remark: “The world- as history has proven- has a short memory.” Unfortunately that is true about a lot of things. Every thing is a fad. I remember a time when the media was inundated with stories and specials about the crisis in Darfur. Now, I have to scrounge up information.

Anyway, the exhibit looks really interesting and I can’t wait to see it. Admission is free. Check out the Holocaust Museum Houston website for more details.

Here is a picture from the exhibit. Check out the website for more.

A young boy looks over the remains of his house after janjaweed Arab militias attacked the village.

A young boy looks over the remains of his house after janjaweed Arab militias attacked the village.


African American Battlefields of the Civil War

African American Battlefields of the Civil War is a selection of contemporary photography by William EaPart of William Earle Williams' collectionrle Williams. Earle’s work is a celebration of the efforts of American Blacks in the Civil War. The exhibit is composed of black and white images of historic battlegrounds where American Blacks shed blood for this country. It is showing now through September 14, 2008 at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston in the Caroline Wiess Law Building.

Visit the MFAH website to learn more about the exhibit.

Learn more about William Earle Williams and his work.

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