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The Illness: Barkley L. Hendricks

Barkley Hendricks (b. 1945) Slick (Self-Portrait), 1977

Slick (Self-Portrait), 1977

Philadelphia native Barkley L. Hendricks was born in 1945. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts before going on to earn his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Yale University. Since the 1970s Hendricks has taught at Connecticut College.

He stands out amongst many portrait painters in that he finds beauty in capturing his subjects just as they are, not correcting for small flaws but allowing the flaws to teach the viewer about the subject.

I had the pleasure of visiting Barkley Hendrix’s “Birth of the Cool” exhibit at the Nasher Museum of Art. His striking use of color and knack for capturing the facial expressions of his subjects made his work intriguing in a way that I had never experienced. Each painting seemed to evoke a certain emotion. I’m not sure if that was his intent but it did make for an experience unlike any other.

The exhibition will be showing at the Studio Museum in Harlem November 12, 2008-March 15, 2009.

Have You Met Ms. Jones?

Have You Met Ms. Jones?


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