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Picasso in Three Dimensions

On April 26, 1937 twenty-eight German bombers attacked the city of Guernica, Spain. Pablo Picasso had been commissioned to paint a mural for Spain to display at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris. The tragedy at Guernica inspired Picasso and some fifteen days after the bombing he went to work on the mural. The finished product portrays the immense suffering that war brings through images of anguished animals and people and destroyed buildings. Guernica went on a brief world tour after it was completed and brought international attention to the war.

Oil on canvas, 11 ft x 25.6 ft

Guernica by Pablo Picasso, 1937 oil on canvas, 11 ft x 25.6 ft

Guernica remains a classic piece of art work that expresses the need for peace. It is only fitting at this time that it has been updated. Artist Lena Gieseke has created a three-dimensional representation of Guernica that allows viewers to navigate through the painting.

Part of Lena Giesekes Guernica Representation

Part of Lena Gieseke's Guernica Representation



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