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From the Bookshelf: In and Out of Vogue

I went to the library today with the intent of doing research for one of my 1,000 papers. Instead I ended up looking at a reference list that included books and articles for people interested in entering the publishing world.

One of the titles caught my eye for reasons unknowable to me.  It kind of jumped off of the page, so-to-speak. In and Out of Vogue by Grace Mirabella. I still couldn’t explain why I checked the book out or why I read the intro and first chapter when I should have been working on a paper.


“We’re all the products of our times, of certain moments that mold us and shape us, intellectually, emotionally, aesthetically.”

Grace Mirabella is the editor responsible for building Vogue’s circulation to unparalleled heights. After she was unceremoniously replaced by Anna Wintour, she had this to say to The New York Times: “For a magazine devoted to style, this was not a very stylish way of telling me.” Grace Mirabella went on to start a publication for the smart woman, Mirabella. This book, In and Out of Vogue, chronicles her very stylish journey.

I’m really excited to read more. She seems like a relatable rather than intimidating figure. She candidly speaks of her insecurities and worries and how they are magnified by her entry into an industry that doesn’t seem prepared for her.

So far, so good.

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