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I am sooooo over Gary Dourdan…

Hate to give up on the brother but DAYUM! Time to kick him off of the cliff. I guess that’s where his sexy went.

Who left the gate open?!

Who left the gate open?!!

That reminds me….Happy Halloween!

ETA: LMAO! At least someone likes it.


This is Your Sexy…And This is Your Sexy on Drugs…

Gary Dourdan

Gary DourdanGary Dourdan’s little run-in with the cops is not news to anyone. I was disappointed with the development and I really hope that he gets help. But I just read that this fool may be a part of some Celebrity Rehab show on VH1. All I can say is damn. Gary Dourdan, since CSI, has been my most consistent “TV Boyfriend”. I love him! Forget his eyes, they’re gorgeous but he has the best lips! And that voice!

Well, if he really is taking part in some celeb rehab show I will have to lose all respect for him. Above is his sexy…on the left…his sexy on drugs.

One more time for my enjoyment.

This is your sexy and this is your sexy on drugs.

Take heed all you sex symbols out there. This has been a PSA.

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