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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Olympic Martial Arts Style

Olympic taekwondo is already in the hot water. After several bogus and contested referring decisions, this little incident cannot be helping its cause. Is taekwondo on the verge of being kicked off the cliff when it comes to Olympic sports?

Aint That a Kick in the Head?!

Ain't That a Kick in the Head?!

Frustrations boiled over when Cuban martial artist Angel Matos lost his temper and kicked a referee in the face (yes, in the face) after being disqualified. Whatever happened to the discipline in martial arts? Eh. Well, as a result of his kneejerk reaction, Angel Matos and his coach have been banned from Olympic taekwondo FOR LIFE.

This isn’t the first time taekwondo has come under fire for controversial judging and refereeing. It happened in Athens. I guess Angel Matos had enough of the nonsense. Take that! Imagine how many people would get kicked in the head if everyone in the world had Olympic skills.


The Illness: Beijing in Legos

A replica of all of the venues that will be used in the Olympics. So ill. Check it out at the Complex Blog.

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