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Airport BS

I spent most of yesterday traveling. Like a good little person, I packed according to TSA guidelines. Every time I go through airport security I get more and more frustrated with the system. Well, yesterday, I decided that I wasn’t going to take out my little baggie of liquids and gels because I was tired of the BS. So I left the baggie in my luggage.

Glad this wasn't dangerous...

Glad this wasn't dangerous...

I’ll be damned if I didn’t get through security with no hassle. That leads me to believe that the x-ray machine is a sham. F*ck TSA. I don’t feel safe at all. They don’t even know when people are breaking the rules. Incompetent fools.

I could hardly sleep on my flight because I was afraid that someone else had gone through security with something more malicious than Colgate and Visine so I decided to take pictures…

window seat

Window Seat


Clouds the entire way...

And then I decided to push my luck a little further and keep my electronic devices on after the pilot said turn them off…again…nothing. But, perhaps I should count my blessings lol.

Final Descent

Final Descent

Feels good to be Home!

Feels good to be Home!


Oh Airports…

The best part about traveling has to be sitting in airports and watching people come and go. You see some of the most interesting shit, especially when it comes to parents traveling with harness

The first thing that caught my mind at the airport: the child on a leash. I’m not a proponent of the safety harness/leash on kids. Your child is not a puppy! The baby harness/leash combo is a no-no, even if the harness is a cuddly monkey and its tail doubles as a leash. Actually, I try not to make statements on the way that people raise their kids. On the other hand, you can’t use the leash to jerk your child around. There are other ways to keep track of the kid.

The opposite of the parent that keeps their child on the leash is the parent that lets their little terror (no matter how cute) run around and tear stuff up. Letting your daughter tear up AirTran pamphlets is a no-no. When I saw that little girl running around all helter skelter, I couldn’t help but think that if any kid needed to be on a leash it was her.

And finally, there was the mother that had her daughter put on a show for a bunch of people. Having your son/daughter run, jump, sing and dance in public is a no-no. We all know she’s cute. Damn.

Just one Black woman’s opinion.

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