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“Ain’t Shit Changed”

Dude in the soul food joint was adamant about pointing out that while we have elected a Black president, “shit” remains unchanged. By shit, he was referring to the fact that President-Elect Barack Obama and his family weren’t able to move into the Blair House early because Bush and his cronies were hosting an imaginary dignitary which turned out to be the FORMER Prime Minister of Australia for ONE night. I mean damn. You get elected President of a country and you can’t even stay in your own guest house? That is some bullshit.

*I absolutely looooooooove Countdown.

While that is shitty, there is some other shit going on in this country. Particularly, the way Oakland police shot a young man who was handcuffed. When I read or hear about shit like this , I get sad. There was a time that I used to get angry and part of me still does but whenever a story like this comes up…I just get sad.

I can’t exactly explain why I get so sad, other than it makes me realize that no matter how far Black people have come, or will go, in this country there will still be those who don’t value our lives, and shit like this will continue to happen. I get sad because there are still Black people who die for no good reason in this country. I just can’t help but get sad.

*please forgive the overuse of the word “shit” but sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade, in this case, you have to call some shit…shit.

Burger King, You Took it Too Far

I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about this Whopper Virgins campaign that Burger King is running. On the one hand it makes sense that the people who are most qualified to make a judgment about the better burger are the people who have never had neither. On the other hand, it is a bit much. Exporting burgers to remote locations is wrong on some level, right? Exploiting villagers just to make a claim that you have the best burger is cheating, isn’t it?

It’s really sad that this Burger King-McDonald rivalry has gone so far. I don’t understand why they think it’s so spectacular that people have never heard of or had a hamburger. Now they’re Americanizing these unsuspecting people.

I would be interested to know what the hunger situation is in the villages that they visited. I mean hell, if I’m hungry I’d take a Whopper also.

This is just stupid.


The Divided States of America

According to Russian scholar Igor Panarin, the United States will collapse in 2010 and break into six territories, each under the control of a different entity, due to “mass immigration, economic decline and moral degredation”. Alaska will go to Russia, natch. Then Sarah Palin won’t have to step outside of her living room to “see Russia”.

In light of this news, I’m not sure if we should close the borders and break out the Bibles or if I should have my US Dollars converted to Pesos while the dollar still has some value. Or does it?

Wanna know who will be controlling your state after Civil War II? See the map and read the original article.


When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Olympic Style

I’ve been mad busy. The opening ceremony was sick. But Spain, I must call this out:

The entire team is posing with their fingers tugging at their eyelids to make them slits.

The entire team is posing with their fingers tugging at their eyelids to make them slits.

When I first heard of this story, I thought it was some big hoax or sick joke. Why did a team of grown men think it would be okay to do this? I don’t want to seem overly sensitive. But the simple fact of the matter is this is not an attempt to show love to China or to Chinese people. I don’t think attempting to create a caricaturization their appearance is right, no matter how you swing it.
Then I came across this genius (insert sarcasm here) post. The author puts forth (or tries to put forth) that racism “ain’t all bad”. My response is such:
“I would advise you to look up a definition of racism because it goes far beyond acknowledging a difference between people of different ethnicities. You said you wanted to look at the root of the word without positive or negative connotations but you didn’t discuss that this is difficult to do or even give an adequate reason to do so. You should have delved into the meaning of the suffix. -ism denotes a specific ideology that is driven by race which is almost always negative. So yes, racism is all bad. Acknowledging differences is different from building a system of beliefs around them. Put together race+ism= the belief that the primary means of differentiation between groups of people is race. If you want to move beyond this color-based theory of personhood it’s better to abandon the word racism altogether. Racialism is, perhaps, a better suited term.”

FREE Darfur Photo Exhibit

Now through September 21st the Holocaust Museum Houston is featuring a 30-photo exhibit that highlights the crisis in Darfur called “Darfur: Photojournalists Respond“. The website makes this remark: “The world- as history has proven- has a short memory.” Unfortunately that is true about a lot of things. Every thing is a fad. I remember a time when the media was inundated with stories and specials about the crisis in Darfur. Now, I have to scrounge up information.

Anyway, the exhibit looks really interesting and I can’t wait to see it. Admission is free. Check out the Holocaust Museum Houston website for more details.

Here is a picture from the exhibit. Check out the website for more.

A young boy looks over the remains of his house after janjaweed Arab militias attacked the village.

A young boy looks over the remains of his house after janjaweed Arab militias attacked the village.


Hip-Hop vs. America II

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Last night I watched the second installment of BET’s Hip-Hop vs. America II: Where Did the Love Go? It was a panel discussion about the roots of misogyny in hip-hop. The behavior of some of the panelists is, in my not so humble opinion, a part of the problem. Far from criticizing BET, I want to congratulate them for attempting to address a very serious issue. I don’t really approve of panel discussions outside of an academic setting because they rarely spawn any action. Basically I think that panel discussions encourage reaction and not action. But that is a different gripe.

Let me start with this. There were two panels. Each consisted of men and women. The first panel featured Michael Eric Dyson and others. But the one panelist that really stood out to me was David Banner. I really respect David Banner for his community activism. But that brother came onto the stage with a chip on his shoulder. Perhaps he saw Hip-Hop vs. America I and didn’t want to look/sound like Nelly and T.I. But he wound up sounding very bitter about how his work was going unseen and undiscussed. If you’re that bitter about it, don’t do the so-called “right thing”. Do what you want and leave the real work to the rest of us.

The panelist that stood out in the second group was Reverend Rivers. I’m not exactly sure who he is but yeah. He and David Banner stood out for similar reasons. When men were talking, they were relaxed and listening but the both of them would talk loudly over any woman that tried to speak. The particular incident that sticks out in my mind involves Reverend Rivers. He sat patiently while Kevin Powell was speaking but when Professor Lacewell tried to voice her opinion, he continuously cut her off and talked over her.

That just made me wonder. A few of the panelists talked about how there are no female voices in hip-hop so women aren’t able to express themselves in the genre and then two black leaders wouldn’t let Black women express themselves in a discussion about the problem. If Black men don’t respect Black women’s opinions, why should anyone else?

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