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Song of the Moment: MC Lyte “Cha Cha Cha”

This will forever and always be one of my favorite songs. It’s actually not even my favorite MC Lyte song. That should let you know how much I love MC Lyte.

Kick this one here for me and my DJ.

And it’s shocking I’m the one you’re mocking
Oh yes, I’ve been watching you watching me
And like the fat on your back it’s plain to see
That you’re a wannabe, but you can’t be what you’re not
So you better start living with what you got


Q-Tip and Prince

I don’t know how late I am with this one…but I have one question…

Wouldn’t you hate to be the dude that got debo’d off of the guitar?

I mean, it’s Prince, and you kind of have to defer to him but you’re just gonna let a dude roll up and snatch your guitar?

I’m only joking. I would have loved to be there to see it happen. Q-Tip rocking with Prince, that’s dope.


Welcome to Graduation…

On this day we become legendary
Everything we dreamed of

It's been great's time to go.

It's been great's time to go.


The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Silly…

The Good:

Jeezy, T.I. and Ludacris  joined forces to rally voters in support of Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jim Martin. Sadly Martin lost the race to Republican Saxby Chambliss (who has the greatest name ever). But it’s nice to see rappers show some continued interest in politics. That’s a good job fellas.

The Bad:

What the hell was Plaxico Burress thinking?! He shot himself in the leg? That’s no way to accrue street cred. Shot himself accidentally in the leg and now he’s suspended for the rest of the season. And Bloomberg is not happy.

That’s bad for Giants fans…

The Just Plain Silly:

Kanye West wants to intern at Louis Vuitton? I’m all for following your dreams but seriously, I can’t imagine Kanye being an intern anywhere. Maybe he will shadow some designers and learn about the business but he will not be doing the grunt work of an intern. That’s just plain silly.


100th Post!!

Yay! I made it to 100!! Too bad it’s time for finals. Since it is finals time, and I’ve officially accomplished my 100th post, I figured I’d share my “Top 5 Most Motivational Songs”. Sometimes people call me anal because I have a very set routine for studying and paper writing. These are the 5 songs that I listen to most often when studying and writing.

5. Lupe Fiasco “Emperor’s Soundtrack” Food & Liquor

Know the weapons of the weak
The weakness of the hard
And never fall asleep

4. Mos Def “Champion Requiem” The New Danger

And my work is personal, I’m a working person
I put in work, I work with purpose
I get it there, on the water, air, the surface
You feel the impact?

3. The Roots ft. Talib Kweli “Rolling with Heat” Phrenology

Valedictorian, graduate of I dare you

2. Talib Kweli “Beautiful Struggle” The Beautiful Struggle

No one can lead you off your path
You’ll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh

1. Lupe Fiasco “Lupe the Killer” Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge of the Nerd

But I’m so ahead of my time, the next day
They might strike oil been laid, homie I’m so crude
Texas Tea, haters is so screwed
But I can’t fill it like a flathead in a Philips
Don’t get it twisted, nigga I’m no tool
More cool than a pool in a blizzard
With ice cubes in it during Christmas
Give it how I live it most niggas won’t believe
Or achieve how I did it most niggas won’t receive
Til I leave and I bereave the secrets of my sickness
How I, flooded the streets like Venice
I’ve suffered, demanded, withstanded, pimp handed and hustlered



Song of the Moment: Q-Tip “We Fight/We Love” ft. Raphael Saadiq

The Renaissance.

She want the ease that come after pain
She fights for love, thats her campaign



Theater of the Mind

I love Ludacris. And I am not sure that he gets his proper due. I was looking forward to Theater of the Mind. I shouldn’t have.

Let me explain. I think that Luda is uber-talented. This was his chance to show people just how talented he really is. All of the guest stars kind of drowned him out. His voice was lost. At least that is my initial take on the album. His delivery is as punchy as ever but the fact that he has so many co-stars means that he has less time to showcase his skills.

Lyrically, he still gets down, holding his own with Jay-Z and Nas on “I Do It For Hip-Hop”. Common comes through with a great effort on “Do the Right Thang” and Lil’ Wayne is surprisingly mediocre on “Last of a Dying Breed”.

It was like an amalgam of Ludacris. I say that because most of the songs remind me of songs that he has done before. He needed to push the envelope, and I’m not sure that he did.

All in all, it’s not a bad album. And Ludacris is still one of the best. But I’m not sure if this is the classic album that he needed to add to his catalog. Still a good effort. Still love me some Ludacris.

Love “I Do It For Hip Hop” co-starring Nas and Jay-Z.

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