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Another Classic: Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon

Okay, so maybe it’s more like a cult classic. I don’t really understand what the appeal is because the acting is terrible (save for Sho’Nuff because I think Julius Carry did a wonderful job lol). But there’s just something about this movie that holds me captive. Sho’Nuff is one of my favorite movie characters EVER. There are rumors that there is a remake in the works with Samuel L. Jackson playing Sho’Nuff. If this is true, my life will be complete*.

*By complete I mean I will have another reason to love/dislike Sam Jackson.

This scene is one of my favorites in this cheesy movie. It’s definitely not Sho’Nuff’s most famous scene but I appreciate it.

Who plays this garbage? … Shut up, bitch! *Kicks in jukebox* -The meanest, prettiest, baddest mo-fo low down around this town, SHO’NUFF, the Shogun of Harlem.

Sometimes, when I hear Soulja Boy on the radio or see one of his videos on tv, I want to kick the somtheing, so I understand Sho’Nuff’s reaction to the audio garbage.

Another one, just because:

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Sho’Nuff was rocking shutter shades before Kanye West was on it. Stronger glasses=Sho’Nuff glasses.


Throwback: The Mack

My father and I share a love for Blaxploitation films (I hate calling them that!). We recently watched The Mack together. I had to admit that I saw snippets of The Mack when I was younger. My crazy dad didn’t ask any questions. Instead we discussed the deeper points of the movie which included the heated conversation about whose afro was tighter, Max Julien’s, “Bruce” Leroy Green’s* or my dad’s. We soon concluded that what Bruce Leroy was rocking was more of a curl (or a natro as my dad called it) and my father beat Max Julien only because Dad was able to produce a box in the attic that held Black hair care products from the 70s…(oh Dad, what a pack rat). This is one of the reasons my father and I get along so well. He keeps the 70s boxed up in the attic and I wish that I had come of age in the 70s.
*speaking of Bruce Leroy, did anyone else know about a remake of The Last Dragon? Supposedly Samuel L. Jackson is playing Sho’Nuff. So fitting. The Last Dragon deserves its own post.

Anyway, that was a tad off topic. When I was 10, I did catch some snippets of The Mack and I have to admit that I had a little crush on Max Julien who played John Mickens aka Goldie. Here’s one of the best scenes in the movie.

Mr. Pretty Tony, I mean, you know the rules of the game. I mean, your bitch just chose me. Now we can settle this like you got some class…or we can get into some gangsta shit. -Goldie

You shade tree nigga. You ain’t no pimp. You a rest haven for hoes. You a car thief! A car thief! The one you got out there is prolly hot as a firecracker right now.-Pretty Tony



Box Office: Cadillac Records

I love Mos Def, most definitely. So I will support any project that he is a part of, most definitely. I really didn’t know what to expect when I went to see Cadillac Records. I’ve never  been much of a fan of Blues.

I appreciated the movie for the music. I don’t think that any of the characters were well developed. For one, there are too many of them to focus on developing any of them. After seeing it, I talked to my father who worked out some of the hazy details.

As far as the movie goes, it does a good job of celebrating the music but I don’t think it does a good enough job of explaining the significance of the music. My father, who might have been romanticizing the impact of the music, told me more in twenty minutes than the movie did in nearly two hours.

The actors did an EXCELLENT job. Especially Columbus Short as Little Walter. And in the end, I did walk away from the theater with a new respect for Blues thanks to the following songs.

“My Babe”. Little Walter.

“Smokestack Lightning”. Howlin’ Wolf.

“Hoochie Coochie Man”. Muddy Waters.


Box Office: Quantum of Solace

Went to dinner and a movie with my girls today. We saw Quantum of Solace. This was my first time actually watching a James Bond movie. I didn’t think that Daniel Craig was James Bond type sexy but he did a really good job. Apparently the first one was better. I wouldn’t know because I have no standard of comparison. With any movie franchise that is as big as this I think that it is really easy to fail to give adequate background info. And if I had to pick a flaw, that would be it. Without my friend whispering in my ear, I would not have understood the relationships that carried over from the first movie.

All in all it was enjoyable. Here’s the trailer.

In other news, the Lakers finally lost a game. Kanye West was arrested again for an incident with a paparazzo. And the Celtics lost. There was a lot going on today.


Box Office: The Secret Life of Bees

I had my heart set on seeing W this weekend but my friend was visiting and she wanted to see The Secret Life of Bees. I wasn’t going to see it because I have my issues with Queen Latifah and Alicia Keys. The last thing I wanted to do at this point was support them by spending my (Daddy’s) hard earned money. But alas, we went to see the movie…

Pleasantly surprised? Perhaps.

The plot was interesting. The movie is set in 1964, the Civil Rights Act was just passed and Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson) wants to go into town to exercise her new rights. She takes the child that she is caring for, Lily Owens (Dakota Fanning). Well, what she didn’t account for, was that white men in South Carolina weren’t too keen on Black people voting. I must admit, that I was going to write J. Hud off for taking another stereotypical role but the scene really showed that her character had some depth.

Anyway, Lily finds out that the men plan to kill Rosaleen so she and Rosaleen escape to Tiburon, South Carolina where Lily hopes to find more about her mother who died when she was younger. That’s where she meets the Boatwright sisters, May (Sophie Okonedo), June (Alicia Keys) and August (Queen Latifah) who help her discover her strengths and teach her to love all while facing their own dilemmas.

I enjoyed watching the plot develop. I wish that we had a deeper understanding of June Boatwright’s relationship with Neil (Nate Parker-yum!) but what are you going to do. I will say that none of the characters were static.

It was enjoyable, go see it (if you can handle the Southern accents…)


Rudy Ray Moore

Dolemite is one of the first Blaxploitation films I remember seeing. I was sad to hear that Rudy Ray Moore passed away due to complications with diabetes at age 81. His unique style of rhythmic, poetic comedy will be missed. Rest in Peace.


Another Feel Good Movie

I’m not a huge fan of movies. I can normally think of twelve things I’d rather be doing with 90 minutes of my life that don’t involve watching a movie. I surprise myself from time to time and actually flip through the movie channels and watch a movie from beginning to end. Today, I watched Pride and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t going to watch it because I felt like it’d been done before (see Remember the Titans and Glory Road). I have to be honest with myself and admit that the whole sports triumph against all odds is a real favorite of mine. The story was predictable enough but I still found myself cheering for the PDR team in the end. It helped that there was some eye candy of course. Actually, the eye candy is a big part of the reason I loved Glory Road so much. Hello Mehcad Brooks.

mehcad brooks

I didn’t mind looking at the male swimmers (Evan Ross excluded even though he’s a cutie…somebody feed that boy some muscles). On a serious note though, Kevin Phillips’s talent caught my eye in the movie…and he can act too lol.

Pride Boys

…of Things

The Best of the Rest

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