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BET Hip-Hop Awards…Random Thoughts

I hadn’t planned on a live blog because I didn’t plan on watching. But as usual, curiosity takes over. So, I guess I’ll post a few random thoughts as this spectacle unfolds.

I appreciate T.I. and Luda coming together for a performance. I like Luda’s look.

Someone should give DJ Khaled a spoonful of STFU.

Why is Hurricane Chris in the cipher? Why?!

I do appreciate the segments with rappers speaking on the good that they are doing in the world. Hip hop is all about helping the community.

Keri Hilson

That all might be negated because T-Pain has on a pinstripe top hat. That might be doing too much…I don’t know.

Are those people dressed like Black Panthers…stepping?!?

Keri Hilson is gorgeous.

Shawty Lo brought his high school sweethearts on stage.

Japanese MC Hime

Is it okay to thank God first if your lyrics are un-Godly?

MC Lyte is also gorgeous.

Yo-Yo?? Lady of Rage?!

Is it okay to dedicate “What a Man” to Barack Obama?

I appreciate the international cipher. Hime was kinda hot.

Is Cory Gunz confused? He looks confused.

I had to do it. Look at him!

The talking vocoder?!?!? A mess.

This is what I’ve been waiting on all night. Yes for the Chad appearance! Common is so sexy…he shouldn’t be allowed. I love this song. Pharrell, I love you but the shirt is agitating my migraine. The HELL is Lil Wayne doing?! I really appreciate N.E.R.D. rocking out at the BET Hip-Hop awards. T-Pain and Busta on stage spazzing…highlight of the night so far.

Lil’ Cease is about -3 feet tall. I swear he was tiptoeing to reach the mic.

Derek Luke as Puffy?

Lil Wayne really believes he’s a singer. That’s what is so sad about his current state.

Luda’s flow is ridiculous.

Juelz "Dip-Dip" Santana "Set-Set"

That dimple is the only thing Juelz Santana has going for him….

Yes Fabolous!!!

Alright, I have more love for T-Pain now…he called Bow Wow one of the MIDGETS in his circus!!!

Wow Bow Wow…the Christmas light piping on your outfit? How elementary. Soulja Boy has on Tony the Tiger jeans…What a way to end the show…


Off the Cliff: BET Edition

BET decided to air its first scripted series. And they shouldn’t have. But what did I even expect. It was so stereotypical. Whoever (ahem, Hadjii) came up with the idea for Somebodies should really find another line of work.

All of the reviews I read online made it seem harmless, “promising” even. But it was terrible. I’m not sure if it was the stereotypes or the time that it took for the plot to develop. All I know is that the show started at 10:30 pm. By 10:43 I was looking for something else to watch. There was the slacking college student, the bitter Black woman that seemed to work for the school, the militant Black guy and the slacking friends (one of them actually finished some stranger’s food at a restaurant). It was painful and BET’s programming directors should just admit that they don’t want to contribute anything positive to the world of entertainment.

Hadjii should find something else to do with his time and BET should take “Somebodies” and kick that shit off of a cliff.


Hip-Hop vs. America II

Banner frm

Last night I watched the second installment of BET’s Hip-Hop vs. America II: Where Did the Love Go? It was a panel discussion about the roots of misogyny in hip-hop. The behavior of some of the panelists is, in my not so humble opinion, a part of the problem. Far from criticizing BET, I want to congratulate them for attempting to address a very serious issue. I don’t really approve of panel discussions outside of an academic setting because they rarely spawn any action. Basically I think that panel discussions encourage reaction and not action. But that is a different gripe.

Let me start with this. There were two panels. Each consisted of men and women. The first panel featured Michael Eric Dyson and others. But the one panelist that really stood out to me was David Banner. I really respect David Banner for his community activism. But that brother came onto the stage with a chip on his shoulder. Perhaps he saw Hip-Hop vs. America I and didn’t want to look/sound like Nelly and T.I. But he wound up sounding very bitter about how his work was going unseen and undiscussed. If you’re that bitter about it, don’t do the so-called “right thing”. Do what you want and leave the real work to the rest of us.

The panelist that stood out in the second group was Reverend Rivers. I’m not exactly sure who he is but yeah. He and David Banner stood out for similar reasons. When men were talking, they were relaxed and listening but the both of them would talk loudly over any woman that tried to speak. The particular incident that sticks out in my mind involves Reverend Rivers. He sat patiently while Kevin Powell was speaking but when Professor Lacewell tried to voice her opinion, he continuously cut her off and talked over her.

That just made me wonder. A few of the panelists talked about how there are no female voices in hip-hop so women aren’t able to express themselves in the genre and then two black leaders wouldn’t let Black women express themselves in a discussion about the problem. If Black men don’t respect Black women’s opinions, why should anyone else?


Live Blogging: BET Awards

I decided to try this live blogging thing to keep track of my feelings about the BET Awards. We’ll see how long I last.

7:01- Usher, nice lip sync job. And by nice I mean noticeable. And by noticeable I mean terrible.

7:04- I wonder if Usher is planning on sabotaging Chris Brown’s performance so that he isn’t outdone.

7:05- Ne-yo is shown in the crowd…clearly thinking “Man, I’m gonna smash this dude”

7:10- Terrance Howard is dropping an album??? Lawd, make it stop

7:20- TREY SONGZ!!!!

7:21- Kanye! Please Mr. West, leave the vocoder alone.

7:25- Not a single Boston Celtic nominated? Tiger Woods? I guess Best Male Athlete is just like a default list of people. It’d be nice if they nominated some one that actually likes Black people…these are just jokes.

7:26- Keyshia Cole, get yo’ people.

7:30- Usher, that’s what a live performance sounds like. I really like Keyshia Cole. She’s so real.

7:35- where’s the rest of Lil’ Kim’s face?

7:36- Cuba, go home.

7:36- Eve, I love you.

7:43- Leather gloves in the summer time Ne-yo?

7:45- the JabbaWockeez??? Aw yeah.

7:47- Why aren’t the people who are winning the awards there to accept them?Rick Ross

8:00- watching CNN

8:14- Let me find out Rick Ross has a lace front beard.

8:15- I love Big Boi…with all my heart

8:16- I love Ludacris more…but I hope the Africa pendant was made with conflict free diamonds…because other wise it’d be wrong.

8:17- Are they making mics with vocoders built in or…what?

8:18- Gabrielle Union is a beautiful woman.

8:24- *watching Larry King Live* Over 1,000,000 homes in foreclosures?! Damn. Creative financing is a bitch, huh?

8:36- Kirk Franklin has on a size -12 sweater.

8:43- Chris Brown! I’ve been waiting all night.

8:46- Is that Ciara? Work it Ciara. I hope Usher was taking notes.

8:50- T-Pain still hasn’t changed out of that costume.

8:51- “I’m one of the kings of this game right now…and my opinion counts.” Kanye, you slay me.

8:58- John Legend called Al Green everything from chicken wings and collard greens to church fans. Classic.

9:02- Jilly from Philly!!!!! Always classy.

9:15- I wonder how Usher feels that Al Green’s performance is hotter than his.

9:21- Nothing like seeing rappers get down with the get down. Way to move the crowd Al Green.

9:27- Terrance has on a smeedium teflon suit…or is that liquid latex?

9:30- They really need to stop letting winners bring fifty ‘leven people on stage. What is the purpose of having 12 kids, three cousins, two mommas, and your kindergarten teacher on stage?

9:32- I love Rihanna.

9:40- Whoever came up with the idea for Hell Date should die. And by die I mean lose their job. Debra Lee is on stage. I wonder if she really, truly, feels good about the direction BET is going.

9:46- Queen Latifah reppin’ for the curvy ladies. What happened to the Queen Latifah of the Native Tongues days tho? Bring her back

9:57- I wasn’t excited about Nelly until he came out naked. Ciara again. I love watching her perform. This is the first time I’ve heard that song Nelly did with Fergie. Jury’s still out…and probably will be out forever.

10:02- Diddy is selling vodka at an awards show.

10:03- When you say everyone…that normally encompasses…everyone. You don’t have to list…everyone because you’ve already thanked…everyone.

10:09- How many of those dumb ass hats does T-Pain have?

10:11- Weezy needs some Wheaties…I love “A Mille”…T-Pain is wearing a gay ass shirt that says “T-Wayne”…thank god the vocoder was limited.

Now I must go read a book.

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