The Day in Sports…


1. The Detroit Lions fell to the New Orleans Saints 42-7…bringing their win total all the way to…zero. They are 0-15. Have not won a single game all season. I wouldn’t even show up for the final game. There’s no saving face. Maybe they should be disbanded. Their performance this season was beyond terrible.

2. On the flip side, the Boston Celtics smacked the New York Knicks for their 18th consecutive win. Who’s f*cking with them? Seriously. I looked at the schedule, the streak has the potential to continue into January. Of course they play the LA Lakers on Christmas Day but the way the Lakers play defense coupled with the fact that Kobe and ‘nem have trouble closing games…I’m not afraid.

3. The New England Patriots iced the Arizona Cardinals…literally. 47-7. I mean, I’ve heard of home field advantage and all but I think that it should be distinct from “road field DISadvantage”. The poor Cardinals didn’t know up from down in the game and it was pretty sad to watch. I mean, Kurt Warner is a Pro Bowl quarterback and he only threw for 30 yards or something like that.

It made me wonder if perhaps that should be taken into account when scheduling the games. For instance, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had never even SEEN snow. It’s completely unfair that he had to go and play in snow so late in the season. Can you really expect a team from Arizona to perform to the best of their abilities when playing in the snow? What happened to the level playing field?

We won’t even discuss the Dallas Cowboys’ weak performance last night…I’m still trying to recover.


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