Every Action….

…has an equal but opposite reaction…

Newton’s 3rd law of motion and something to think about as the biggest scientific experiment of our lifetime is underway. Like most people who don’t fully understand something, I am a bit apprehensive about this new foray into the heretofore unknown. And in reality, I wonder about the real world implications of this experiment. Let me backtrack.

The way I understand it, the main purpose of the Large Hadron Collider is to produce the Higgs Boson (aka the God Particle, so-called because it “gives mass”).

The Higgs Boson is like the Big Foot of particle physics. It is said to exist but no one has ever really seen it. Producing this God Particle will confirm its existence and also bring physicists one step closer to a Grand Unification Theory. I won’t get into the physics of it but apparently by somehow finding this thing, scientists believe that they can figure out all of the secrets of the universe, or at least the secrets of its origins.

I have always been a strong believer in political gangsterism but now I am completely convinced that scientists are the true gangsters of the world. They just convinced multiple nations to chip in to build a multibillion dollar light show. Now that’s gangster.

I’m sure that there are some implications of this experiment that extend beyond my minimal understanding of physics. I hope that the experimental environment is a little more controlled than my Organic Chem lab, because the thought of unchecked black holes shivers me timbers.


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