Off the Cliff: BET Edition

BET decided to air its first scripted series. And they shouldn’t have. But what did I even expect. It was so stereotypical. Whoever (ahem, Hadjii) came up with the idea for Somebodies should really find another line of work.

All of the reviews I read online made it seem harmless, “promising” even. But it was terrible. I’m not sure if it was the stereotypes or the time that it took for the plot to develop. All I know is that the show started at 10:30 pm. By 10:43 I was looking for something else to watch. There was the slacking college student, the bitter Black woman that seemed to work for the school, the militant Black guy and the slacking friends (one of them actually finished some stranger’s food at a restaurant). It was painful and BET’s programming directors should just admit that they don’t want to contribute anything positive to the world of entertainment.

Hadjii should find something else to do with his time and BET should take “Somebodies” and kick that shit off of a cliff.


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