Top 5: Worst Dance Crazes in Hip Hop pt. 2

Part one featured horrific dances including the Harlem Shake, Lean Like a Cholo and others. Check it out here. This part was initially titled: “Top 5: Dances I Hate but People Love”. Hate is such a strong word but sadly it fits. Anyway, let’s run the “Top 5: Dances I Hate but People Love”.

5. Pop Lock and Drop It: The dance is almost as annoying as the song’s hook. Huey burst onto the scene with “Pop, Lock and Drop It” in 2006 and like many other one hit wonders he fizzled as soon as the next hot dance song came along, but not before grownups and children all over America had their chance to “Pop, Lock and Drop It”. The song shot up the Billboard charts, leaving my nerves shot to hell.


4. Aunt Jackie: Harlem strikes again with another whacktastic dance. I guess this was capitalizing on the popularity of the Chicken Noodle Soup. This was just terrible.

3. Cupid Shuffle: The worst part about this was that whenever this song came on the radio, people would stop whatever they were doing to do the Cupid Shuffle. Even worse was that my Grandma wanted to learn how to do it…”Grandma, NO!!!! Leave the ignorance to those that do it best!” Perhaps Cupid was trying to channel the spirit/energy of the “Harlem Shuffle/Electric Slide”. I guess what I hate most about it is that it is some type of nerve-grating hybrid of the “Harlem Shuffle” and the “Cha Cha Slide”. Anyway, people fell in love with it, I could hardly tolerate it.

2. The Macarena: I know it wasn’t technically hip hop but everyone in America was doing this shit. It was DUMB. Point blank. Period. It was stupid.

1. And the number one dance that I hate but everyone else seemed to love is….(drum roll, please)…Crank Dat Soulja Boy and all of its dumb ass derivatives. Forget the sexual innuendo, for get the annoying “yulllllllll” or whatever the hell it was. The sheer scope of this was ridiculous. Every other day, some video popped up on YouTube, Crank Dat Lion King, Crank Dat Spiderman, Crank Dat Aquaman, Crank Dat Grandpa, Crank Dat Jumpman. Every body was doing it at their concerts including Beyonce and Lil’ Wayne. Chili was doing it at a radio station. It was bananas. And the whole time I couldn’t help but think that it was WHACKTACULAR.

Honorable mention: The Spongebob Dance, Do The Heisman on Dat Ho, and plenty other ignorant dances.

Just one Black woman’s opinion.


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