Top 5: Worst (Recent) Dance Crazes in Hip Hop pt. 1

We all know that breakdancing or breaking is an essential element of hip hop but some of the dances that we adopt into our culture are just plain ridiculous. Here’s my top five worst (recent) dance crazes in Hip Hop.

5. The Harlem Shake: The first time I saw it was in G. Dep’s “Let’s Get It” video. And soon, that ish spread like wildfire. Kids all over the country were shaking and going on and there is nothing worse than a bunch of people convulsing and seizing.

Personally, I prefer the original, Ethiopian Eskista Dance:

4. The Dougie Fresh: I might lose my Texas card for this one but…seriously Dallas?

Won’t even get into it but…wild homo. I still like to hear it in the clubs but I’ll pass on the dance. And who is the hype man behind the camera? Sounds like one of the Ying Yang Twins.

3. Lean Back: Requires no skill, no rhythm, nothing. And that’s just what it is…a whole lot of nothing. Had everyone in the club seriously thinking they were gangsta because they couldn’t dance. No excuses. This ish was terrible. Terror Squad indeed. I never even felt remotely motivated to do this “dance”

2. Cholo Lean/Lean Like a Cholo: Whatever it’s called, it is also one of the worst songs ever made it. WTF does it even mean? This is just plain dumb. And the low budget video makes it even worse.

1. And the number one, worst (recent) dance craze is…(drumroll): CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!!!

If this isn’t the most cooningest, corny, shucking and jiving bunch of tomfoolery I have ever experienced the same person attempted to popularize the “5000” which combined the Chicken Noodle Soup with the Harlem Shake.

As if it wasn’t bad enough the entire country looked like a bunch of fools doing this retarded ass dance, he tried to meld it together with other corny ass dances and force it down our throats. Harlem, this shit must stop. Please.

Just one Black Woman’s Opinion


4 Responses to “Top 5: Worst (Recent) Dance Crazes in Hip Hop pt. 1”

  1. 1 ktownhiphop
    August 24, 2008 at 8:29 am

    LOL!nice post

  2. 3 Et Cetera
    August 26, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    lol Thanks. Look out for part 2!

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