When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Olympic Style

I’ve been mad busy. The opening ceremony was sick. But Spain, I must call this out:

The entire team is posing with their fingers tugging at their eyelids to make them slits.

The entire team is posing with their fingers tugging at their eyelids to make them slits.

When I first heard of this story, I thought it was some big hoax or sick joke. Why did a team of grown men think it would be okay to do this? I don’t want to seem overly sensitive. But the simple fact of the matter is this is not an attempt to show love to China or to Chinese people. I don’t think attempting to create a caricaturization their appearance is right, no matter how you swing it.
Then I came across this genius (insert sarcasm here) post. The author puts forth (or tries to put forth) that racism “ain’t all bad”. My response is such:
“I would advise you to look up a definition of racism because it goes far beyond acknowledging a difference between people of different ethnicities. You said you wanted to look at the root of the word without positive or negative connotations but you didn’t discuss that this is difficult to do or even give an adequate reason to do so. You should have delved into the meaning of the suffix. -ism denotes a specific ideology that is driven by race which is almost always negative. So yes, racism is all bad. Acknowledging differences is different from building a system of beliefs around them. Put together race+ism= the belief that the primary means of differentiation between groups of people is race. If you want to move beyond this color-based theory of personhood it’s better to abandon the word racism altogether. Racialism is, perhaps, a better suited term.”

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