When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Jesse Jackson

I know this topic has been worn out as of late but I’m just now finding the time to get around to it. The Good Reverend Jesse Jackson apparently had some not-so-Christian things to say about Senator Barack Obama.

I don’t care that it was supposed to be a private conversation. Jesse Jackson is the last person that needs to be talking about cutting somebody’s nuts off. Barack Obama’s Father’s Day speech talked about parental responsibilities. I hope Jesse Jackson took notes. He’s the guy that was paying off his baby’s mother with money from his organization. I’d expect him to be a little more humble about these matters especially since the child’s mother claimed that Jesse Jackson hardly spent time with his child. My grandfather always said people can’t take the truth when it pertains to their wrong doings. Perhaps Jesse Jackson is feeling a little attacked on that high horse.

And I don’t know what he expected from bottom-feeding Fox News.


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