Top 5: Reasons I Love Kanye West

My love for Kanye West kind of caught me off guard. I never considered myself a huge fan of the guy but then I saw him live and I realized that I did admire his self-assured air. Anyway, this is just a video list of my favorite Kanye West moments.

5. He knows exactly what he deserves. And he’s not afraid to claim it.

4. Part of being successful in whatever industry you are a part of is believing that you are the best and projecting this belief onto others.

3. Kanye gracefully handled his “battle” with 50 Cent. It could have turned into something very negative but it was all in good fun.

2. Kanye knows how to have fun and still maintain his self-assured air. Here’s Kanye letting us all know how to “Be Kanye”.

1. Everyone’s favorite Kanye moment…


1 Response to “Top 5: Reasons I Love Kanye West”

  1. September 5, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    I love the fact that Kanye West said publicly what so many conformist so called Black leaders were afraid to do. Telling the truth to the face of power without fear is the mark of great leadership. I swear the world will be so shocked when America is turned on her ear by young Black men like Kanye. I cant wait to hear the message of men and women like him when they stop making albums, its going to be powerful.

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