Final Tidbits of the 2007-08 NBA Season

It is OFFICIAL!!!!

FINALLY!!!! After all of those years of being a Minnesota fan, I get some reprieve. Congratulations Kevin Garnett, you deserve it! No longer “one of the greatest to play and not win a championship”, now just one of the greatest.

Congratulations Ray Allen! You deserve it! Lamar Odom tried to take you out.

Congratulations Paul Pierce! You.deserve.it! Paul Pierce is the 50 Cent of the NBA. Except way more articulate. Stabbed eleven times?! He is a survivor. For real.

Why did the Lakers even show up tonight? Wasting my damn time. Think of all the gas they wasted flying their asses to Boston. Don’t they know we’re in a crisis? If you aren’t going to show up, don’t show up.

Quote of the night (as best as I remember): “You know what it’s like when you get bullied in school…and then one day you walk in school and lay his ass out. I knocked the bully’s ass out.” -Kevin Garnett when asked what it feels like to finally get this off of his chest.

Rajon Rondo=my new favorite player. Way to hustle young man.

Photos from nba.com.

P.S. Who left the gate open ^^^??? Somebody send Sam Cassell home.


2 Responses to “Final Tidbits of the 2007-08 NBA Season”

  1. June 18, 2008 at 11:41 am

    I’m a Minnesotan who has watched KG since he first came into the league. I have more respect for him than almost any other player in the game and I was so psyched to see him finally get his ring. He deserves it and he worked his ass off to earn it.

  2. 2 Et Cetera
    June 18, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    I was also! I’m not from Minnesota but his passion for the game is inspiring. He could hardly give interviews last night. That’s the kind of player the NBA needs.

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